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In the wake of Hurricane Ian, our island faced widespread devastation. While our two historic cottages withstood the storm, the loss of numerous artifacts and many of our archives deeply affected us. Currently, we are engaged in reconstruction and are actively fundraising to finance the restoration efforts.
To support our cause, we have launched this online store. Since our museum is not open to the public right now, we have chosen this digital platform to sell our product. Your patronage will help our restoration effort.

You will find the most of the products we have available on this page along with their descriptions. Click on the item to read more about it. Click on the online store to view all products.

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Our featured product this year is a new book authored by our president, Ellie Bunting. This book takes the reader back in time when Fort Myers Beach was a bustling community of people who made their living as business owners or fishermen (shrimpers). Learn the story behind the famous arches and the old swing bridge. Read about the transformation of Times Square from a business district to an entertainment district. View photos and learn the history of the structures we have lost including the Gulf Shore Grill and the Cottage, Silver Sands Cottages, The Whale, Junkanoos, Red Coconut, the Outrigger, and more. We also discuss the churches that have been destroyed along with the original cottages that housed our library over the years and the Beach School, the Woman’s Club, and the Art Association. Help support the Estero Island Historic Society rebuild its museum by purchasing this book. All proceeds from the book will be used to replace what we have lost in Hurricane Ian. The book is now available in paperback and hard copy.

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Historic Afghan

This was our best seller last year as it makes a perfect Christmas gift. The Afghans feature many of the historic sites that were lost in the storm. Read below to learn more about what is included on each of the blankets.

Historic Afghan

Our popular Afghan comes in hunter green, blue, or cranberry. Indulge in the luxury of our custom-designed Afghan, meticulously crafted to add a vibrant touch to your chair, bed, or table. The Afghan is a popular gift and a heartfelt tribute to the historic icons we have lost.

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Thomas Phillips built the arches in 1924 as an entrance to his planned development on San Carlos Island. They were removed when the new bridge was built.

Shrimp Fleet

San Carlos Island was the home to over 250 boats during the "gold rush."

Old Pier

The original pier was located at the Winkler Hotel. It was destroyed in the 1944 Hurricane.

Historic Cottage

The We're Here cottage was the fourth cottage on the island. It now houses the Estero Island Historic Society museum which was damaged, but is still standing.


The library was first located in a very small cottage on Estero which was also destroyed in Ian. The new library was damaged but not destroyed.

Beach School

The first Beach School was located in the Mayhew Page cottage which was destroyed in Ian. The second school was located where the Women's Club is on Seminole Way.

Mound House

The Mound House was the first home on the island. It is now a museum featuring the early years on the island. It sustained some damage but is still standing.

Chapel by the Sea

The first religious services were held at Chapel by the Sea which was a non-denomial church at the time. The original building was moved off island when the new church was constructed. Chapel suffered severed damage from Ian.

Town of FMB

The Town of Fort Myers Beach was born in 1995. This is the original logo for the town featuring the county pier which was recently destroyed.