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Our featured product this year is a new book authored by our president, Ellie Bunting. This book takes the reader back in time when Fort Myers Beach was a bustling community of people who made their living as business owners or fishermen (shrimpers). Learn the story behind the famous arches and the old swing bridge. Read about the transformation of Times Square from a business district to an entertainment district. View photos and learn the history of the structures we have lost including the Gulf Shore Grill and the Cottage, Silver Sands Cottages, The Whale, Junkanoos, Red Coconut, the Outrigger, and more. We also discuss the churches that have been destroyed along with the original cottages that housed our library over the years and the Beach School, the Woman’s Club, and the Art Association. Help support the Estero Island Historic Society rebuild its museum by purchasing this book. All proceeds from the book will be used to replace what we have lost in Hurricane Ian.

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